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Professional Pet Grooming and Ala-carte Services


Dog Grooming

Basic Grooming:

Small to X-Large breeds: $45-$130

Includes nail clipping, ear fur removal and ear cleaning, shaving of under-paw, under-belly and sanitary area, anal gland expression, shower and blow-dry.

Full Grooming:

Small to X-Large breeds: $55-$220

Summer Cut/Shave Down: $55-$140

Includes basic grooming and fur trimming. 

(No anal gland expression for Large and X-large dogs)

Pet Grooming Tools

Common Ala-carte Services

Teeth Brushing - $5-$20
Ear Cleaning - $5-$20 (top up $5 for ear fur plucking)
Nail Cutting - $10-$25
De-shedding - $20-$80
De-matting - $30-$100
Shower - $25-$90
Salt Spa - $20-$50
Mud Spa - $30-$60
Herbal Spa - $40-$70

Mocha rabbit.jpg

Rabbit Grooming

Basic Grooming:

Small to Large size: $40-$60

Includes nail clipping, ear cleaning, trimming of paw pads and sanitary area, cleaning of scent glands, powder bath.

Full Grooming:

Small to Large size: $60-$80

Includes basic grooming and fur trimming.

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